Community Solar

Source Renewables is a market leader in financing, structuring and developing community solar projects within the Northeastern United States.

Save Money

Community Solar allows a residential/small commercial utility customers to buy Green Energy at lower prices by subscribing to draw power from regional solar farms. Customers will save money on electric bills from day one and lock in a predicable electricity rate.

No Installation Requried

Community Solar further allows customers to leverage solar energy even if they don’t own land, their home or other traditional requirements for rooftop or commercial solar. There is no equipment installed on your roof or property.  Customers will qualify no matter what type of roof or its orientation to the sun.  There will be nobody visiting participants for an assessment or installation.

Clean Enery

Consuming locally generated clean energy makes an impact on carbon air pollution for you and your entire community.  Switching to 100% clean energy is equivalent to a standard household planting almost 200 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!

Subscriber Benefits

  • Reduced power rate
  • Predictable rate of power (locking in rate for long term to avoid inflation and volatility)
  • Benefit the local environment by buying power from a local solar farm
  • Participate in solar without installation of equipment on their property
  • Expands solar market to customers that have property restraints, are not homeowners, wider range of credit profiles
  • Subscribers have flexibility to transfer or terminate subscription agreement by paying a small fee

VDER Tariff and Community Solar