Commercial and Industrial Solar

Leveraging solar is an advantageous solution for many industrial applications because of the high-energy consumption these businesses require. Source Renewables works with companies to build a custom solution that makes it easy to cut energy costs and create a sustainable energy plan for an organizations’ future. Transforming underutilized roof space, parking lots, and open space into an energy-producing asset can increase your company (or property’s) value, producing savings that can be passed to customers as a competitive advantage and enable an organization to benefit from public initiatives and incentives to go green.

Property &
Land Owners

Increase revenue generated by land, buildings & real estate.

Property owners can reap several benefits from solar project development that when combined result in a very high return on investment. The Source Renewables team are experts in this particular field to make it a user friendly experience.

The Source Renewables process is straight forward. We provide a complete analysis and review of each potential project site in order to determine approach with the most potential.

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Energy Users &

Solar for All – User Friendly, Accessible, Affordable and Green

Energy usage is a concern for all organizations and communities. The environment is often a concern, going green and reducing the carbon foot print. Source Renewables recognizes that to achieve these objectives it must not be difficult and must be cost-effective.

Source Renewables works with private companies, municipalities, home-owner organizations, portfolio managers and other organized groups to develop customized renewable energy solutions to reduce energy costs immediately and provide an avenue towards a truly sustainable, green community.

Education &

Efficient structure, tax benefits & organizational excellence

Source Renewables works with education institutions and non-profit organizations to assist the organization in fully leveraging energy savings and tax benefits. Systems can be installed on campus grounds, buildings or even off-site land for the organization to leverage the same benefits as communities, investors and property owners.

Source Renewables will also work with institutions to help get the word out about going green, and collaborate with educators to include hands-on learning about Solar Energy in their curriculum with tools, technology and real application of green energy generation.